Flipped Classrooms

More Information about the Flipped/Mastery Model of Education
Developed by Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann

For more information about mastery learning and the reverse classroom go to:


Our Flipped Classroom Webpage
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The Flipped Classroom Video
The Flipped-Mastery Video
Daniel Pink Blog about what we do
Article in the Daily Riff
Video site of podcasts we have made of several great teachers teaching many different topics (Chemistry/Calculus/Physics/Biology/Engineering)
News Video about what we do
Article in THE Journal: Probably the best description of what we do
Video of what a mastery/flipped classroom looks like
Video of what our students think of mastery/flipped learning
Video we made for students to help them understand the flipped/mastery model
Video Sampler: Watch Jonathan and Aaron as they teach chemistry using videos and screencasting