Professional Development Measures of Success:

II.) Measures
Essential Question: How will we know our PD meets our outcomes?

ISTE's Classroom Observation for effective teaching and learning with technology.
Data Collection look for trends & use for continued staff discussions. Are we aligning our work to our desired outcomes?
Grapplings Spectrum, Article: Collaborative Data Driven Dialogues - Increase speed, depth, breadth of Student Results
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Pre-, Mid-year, Post- Data using Self-Assessment surveys
Needs Assessment Info -Goal Setting, Design/Teach Units, Reflect
Reflective Practitioners - Personal Learning Spaces (ePortfolios - Ex: Cate, Tech Teacher)
EX: Donna, HS English teacher
Jack, HS Teacher of Chinese.
Kristy, MS Teacher of Science
Kamala, Teacher of 5th Graders
Sara, Teacher of 3rd Graders
Celeste, Teacher of pre-schoolers

Action Research: Impact on student learning
  • Identify discrete learning targets
  • Pre-Test Data
  • Design & Teach learning activities / several opportunities in a unit
  • Post-Test Data
  • Reflect - Did the students learn the desired outcomes? Why or Why not? Next Steps, Adaptions to the Learning Activities.