Professional Development Learning Activities

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21st Century Skills: 4C's Communication
ISTE's NETS Digital-Age Learning Standards for:
Teachers + Students+ Coaches + Administrators = Digital-Age Learning
Unit Design: Backwards Planning Unit template, Rubric
Metiri Framework: Range of Use for 21st Century Skills & Educational Technology
Dagett's Rigor & Relevance Framework

Learning Activity

Essential Questions:
What is 21st Century Teaching & learning?
What are our stakeholders Biggest Dreams, Greatest Fears with use of technology?
  • Comprehend/understand 21st Century Teaching & Learning
  • Apply new learning about 21st Century Teaching & Learning
  • Reflective thinking in the back channel - Blogging & Discussion
  • Authentic Instruction - WI White paper & Rubric

Learning Activity
Fishbowl - Podcast of Discussion
Backchannel for Reflective thinking, ponderings, connections, questions

Resources - Authentic Instruction & Conversations WI White paper
Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
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Learning Activity

Essential Questions:
  • What level(s) of thinking are the students doing in the learning?
  • What opportunities are their for authentic, real-world connections?
  • What style(s) of teaching are used: Didactic, Coaching, Constructivist?
  • How does the use of technology support the teaching & learning?
Analyze learning/units for to identify and understand what level(s) of thinking the learners are doing.
Create backward planned units, conduct action research and reflect/evaluate the
effectiveness of the student learning growth & achievement.
Reflection of Learning Analysis (Performance Task)
Rubric - draft form... Coming Soon!

Learning Outcomes:

Turning Up the H.E.A.T. in Learning (Presentation) + Unit/Learning Deconstruct using videos (Analysis of Rigor & Relevance in Learning)
Elementary Learning - Migration Unit Deconstruct
Secondary Learning - Immigration Unit Deconstruct
Reflection: I used to think technology was... after learning about turning up the HEAT in learning, I now think technology is....

Learning Activity

Challenge Based Learning - from ACOT2

Example: Paper Cuts! How can we go paperless or majorly reduce paper consumption?

CBL differs from Project Based Learning because it includes a call to action from the learner.

Learning Activity

Writing Process & Reflective Journals... GO Google!