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Transcript from our Oct 2011 Back Channel.
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Share a reflection from our Flipped Classroom Guru Jonathan Bergman:
"I used to think about Flipped Classrooms, now that I heard Jonathan I think..." Connect it to what you used to think learning and classrooms looked like and how that image has changed based on our time with Jonathan.
I used to think...Now I think: Visible Thinking Routine

Expectations for our day of learning:
  • Reflective Practitioners
  • Participatory Culture
  • Collaborative Communicators
  • Creative & Innovative Problem Solvers
  • Be the Spark for Change you want to see in your learning ecosystem.
  • Explorers

Pre-Conference Resources:

Archived Resources from WTI 2011


Q & A Flipped Classes
Pre-Flipped Conference: Resources

Powerful Learning
Facilitator: Kim McMonagle10:00am-10:30am

Return on Learning RoL
Facilitator: Kevin Messman
10:30am -11:00

Professional Development Exhibit - Explore
Facilitator: Kim McMonagle
11:00am- Noon

1:00pm - 2:00pm Keynote: Dr. Lance Ford

Research & Data
Facilitator: Mike Horan
  • Data Driven Decisions

Panel Discussion & Questions
Kim, Mike, Kevin Q & A2:30-3:30

WTI Closure

Meet the Presenters
BiosWTI Flip Conference