Resource Reflections
Make brief connections, Ask Questions, Add Ponderings
Complete exploring 3-5 resources and reflecting about them by October 27, 2011.
Use this Resources Reflections form.
Critically Thinking@ Education
This I Believe Essays:Geoffery Canada,
Education Leader(5-7min)
Where Good Ideas Come From__

By author Steven Johnson (4-6min)
Connectivism, A Learning Theory for the Digital Age__ by George Siemens(10min)
Critically Thinking @ Education:Mind Shift Blogs
In Digital Age, Schools that Succeed are Schools that Connect__ by Tina Barseghain(10 min)
Critically Thinking @ 100 Things I Believe
This I Believe Essays:Tarak McLain__, Kindergartner (3 min)
Collaboration, Communication & Critical Thinking:
Networked Student__

Collaboration & Communication: Prakash Nair
Learning with Technology__
Critical Thinking:
Visible Thinking Routines__ from Harvard’s
Project Zero (10-15 min)
Creativity: Search iTunes Store for FREE Edutopia Podcasts - subscribe to Project Based Learning to learn how students creatively solve problems. (15 min)
Critically Thinking @ Education: Sir Ken Robinson’s Changing the Education Paradigm__ (10min)
Critically Thinking: How to refine Driving Questions for Project Based Learning__“ By Andrew Miller (7 min)
Creativity: Digital Storytelling “StoryKeepers” by Bernajean Porter (10-15 min)